About Us

The Property Business specialises in corporate and executive rentals working alongside exclusive corporate clients including relocation agencies, human resource departments, apartment services, government agencies and the consular industry.

These clients have enabled us to maximise the best possible rental returns at a consistent level.

The Property Business has earned a reputation and goodwill said to be amongst the highest in the industry. This has led to continual referrals from landlords, tenants and associations alike.

Our staff are committed to achieving excellence in all areas of property management. Key positions are;

Leasing – We have staff dedicated to the task of meeting clients, showing properties, processing tenant applications and assisting clients through the lease process.

Repairs, Maintenance and Client Service – We believe it important that repair & maintenance issues be handled promptly so we have office-based staff dedicated to the ongoing management of these issues along with providing our clients with a consistent, high level of
customer service.

Accounts Management – We recognise that providing precise monthly payments and financial information on your property is pivotal to the successful management of your property. We
provide monthly income and expense reports and a yearly report for taxation.

With over 18 years experience in the Real Estate Industry, Bernadette Rayner has built The Property Business on her foundation of industry experience and success, not only in property
management but also sales, commercial property sales and management and strata management. Bernadette has a team of dedicated staff including management that devise innovative and
diverse property management plans unique to the requirements of land lords and the property itself. This ensures that the property returns it’s maximum potential.

Proficient property management has its foundation in compiling and maintaining precise
records and accurate detail.

Our aim is to select the best available tenant for your property and in doing so we use the following:
*     Comprehensive tenant application process
*     Subscription to tenant reference databases
*     Property condition reports
*     Comprehensive inventory reports
*     Periodic property inspections
*     Daily rent arrears reports
*     Maintenance reports for major repairs
*     Pre-vacate inspections
*     Tenant exit reports
*     Tenant ledger reports

In addition we also take a proactive role in advising on property refurbishment ensuring  that your asset maintains its best value.

Our priorities are to:
*     Maximise the return on your investment
*     Provide genuine, consistent service
*     Preserve your asset