As real estate agents, our job is to sell your home or investment property at the best price possible, and as quickly as possible.

Agents are contracted to act on behalf of you “the principal” to ensure that we look after your best interest at all times. In doing this, we are providing a range of crucial services, from the early stages to the final settlement. These services include;

– Providing a realistic selling price based on comparable recent sales.

– Agreeing on a method of sale for your property – i.e. the current property market, the type of home, the urgency of the sale, and of course the location. Our aim is to work with the vendor to determine which method best suits and will achieve the most effective result!

– Advertising your property – there a re many methods of advertising we can present to the open market. This of course, is dependant on the budget, exposure and method of sale.

– The negotiation process of the selling price between you as the vendor and the prospective purchasers.

– Facilitating the actual sale of your property, the final exchange of contracts and nurturing all parties through to the final settlement date.

In return for these services, all agents will ask for a fee for the time and costs involved in selling your property. These fees are negotiated between the principal and the agent, and once settlement has been reached, the amount stated on the Agency Agreement is due and payable to the agent.

Market Appraisal Request

For a free market appraisal on your property please contact Bernadette Rayner (Principal) on 0414 330 907.